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    1. About SJTU

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      Facts & Figures

      Students & Programs

      Undergraduates 16,221

      Postgraduate students 21,768

      International students 2,722

      Undergraduate programs 64

      Professional master degree programs 56

      Professional PhD programs 38

      Postdoctoral programs 35

      National Model Courses 46

      National Talent Cultivation Centers 12

      National Experimental Teaching Model Centers 6

      National Teaching Teams 8


      Full-time Faculty 3,014

      Faculty with PhDs 80.89%

      Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 22

      Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering 24

      National "Thousand Young Talent Program" 173

      "Chang Jiang Scholars Program" Chair Professors and Endowment Professors 139

      Chief Scientists of "973 Plan" Projects 35

      Chief Scientifics of National Strategic Scientific Research Projects 14

      Winners of National Science Funds for Outstanding Youths 127

      Ministry of Education Innovation Teams 21

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