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    1. Research

      Home > Research > Centers & Labs
      Centers & Labs

      State Key Laboratories (7)

      State Engineering Research Centers (5)

      National Engineering Laboratory(2)

      • National Engineering Laboratory for Automotive Electronic Control Technology
      • National Engineering Laboratory for Information Content Analysis Technology

      National Research and Development (Experimental) Center(2)

      • State Energy Smart Grid R&D Center ( Shanghai)
      • National Energy Offshore Wind Power Technology and Equipment R&D Center

      National Center for International Joint Research(3)

      • Center for Systems Biomedicine
      • Sino-US Joint Research Center for Food Safety
      • Laser Manufacturing Center

      Ministry-Level Key Laboratories

      State 863 Program Key (Open) Laboratories

      • State 863/CIMS Program Key Laboratory of Process Design Automation Engineering
      • State 863 Program Network Open Laboratory of the Hi-tech Robotic Assembly System

      Shanghai Key Laboratories

      Other Engineering Centers

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